Maalik by

Maalik by

By Tyree “T Y” Booker

One by one with a heart full of pride, a head full of learned and God-given skills along with a jersey soaked with mojo, the top 60 or so players walked into the Tri-State Sports Center to establish Greater Philadelphia’s basketball food chain. Each player went through a series of drill stations to add the vegetables to the subsequent meat that we the recruiters and analysts get when we watch these athletes play games. Unfortunately, drills don’t pay the bills so after an hour of workouts it was time to show and prove. Atop the food chain, Maalik “it is what it is” Wayns has established himself as the gold standard among the region’s point guards. Yeah I know NYC is known as the point guard Mecca, but if you tell me you have a better PG than Mr. Wayns I’ll call you a liar to your face then I’ll unleash him (may the force be with you).

The fear factor without a doubt is one Mr. Dion Waiters who, despite not suiting up, struck fear into the hearts of other players and was the topic of discussion in everyone’s conversation. Waiters surveyed his domain like a fierce lion almost daring anyone to question his basketball authority. The day was marked by quality runs with intriguing match-ups to spark plenty of barbershop arguments of who’s better than who. I was there and I saw the whole thing. When the dust settled the best backcourt had to be Tyreek “all I do is win” Duren and John “Baby Pippen” Johnson (yeah as in Scottie yes I said it).

Wayns is the best I know, but Duren is a top quality PG battle tested and more than qualified to lead a team to victory. Building confidence from a great summer, the Jr PG makes few mistakes, is never in a rush, and at the end of the day will more than likely be on the winning team which is the most important stat. D1 coaches take note- don’t miss your chance to snatch up a true leader, what you want in a PG. His co-defendant Johnson is a basketball player flat out. He has what you need: handle-check, defense-check, scoring-forgetaboutit, rebounding and all the intangibles. Yeah, sounds like Pippen to me too. All that combined with being just a sophomore with a great attitude, and John is well on his way to being one of the top ranked players by his Senior year.

The Pub was well represented by Tyrone Garland, Nurideen Lindsey, and Deshon “if I grow 3-4 more inches nice to meet you David Stern” Minnis. Minnis has an old soul as if he played with vets his whole career. He’s a steady player who can finish then defend with no problem. Lindsey likewise can finish, then finish, and finish some more.

His backcourt mate at Bartram, Tyrone Garland is a gamer who rises to his competition and plays strong and hard. Garland’s skill was evident when I watched him net three consecutive threes in the final minutes of one game. The game featuring Lindsey and Garland vs Wayns and Chennault was probably the best game of the day.

Among the bigs and in betweens, the day was marked by high fliers led by Jalen Bond, Rakeem “all I want for” Christmas, and Brett “not Favre” Roseboro. Christmas’ upside is the heavenly stars. I would not be surprised if I hear his name called on draft night one day if he continues to improve. Roseboro is probably the most complete, with a series of post moves both facing the basket and with his back to the basket. Best of all he uses both hands well…how refreshing. What does Bond do? Runs the full, fills the lane, and dunks on whoever and whatever. Satisfied?

Rounding out my top ten is Savon “the talented” Goodman, the freshman with the world in his palm. Great young man with a great attitude, very humble, game has swagger for days, I can’t wait to see what happens with him. Last but not least, seeing as this is the 90th percentile and all, is Ferguson Myrick who’s extremely athletic and uses both hands. All in all the area’s talent was well represented with plenty to go around. I leave you with my top ten and players to keep an eye out for. Colleges- bring your scholarships and have at it!

Until next time keep it moving,
Tyree “T Y” Booker

Super 60 Top Ten
1a. Maalik Wayns
1b. Dion Waiters
2. Tyreek Duren
3. John Johnson
4. Rakeem Christmas
5. Jalen Bond
6. Savon Goodman
7. Brett Roseboro
8. Tyrone Garland
9. Deshon Minnis
10. Ferguson Myrick

Super 60 Ten To Watch
1. Tyrone Garland
2. Nurideen Lindsey
3. Trevor Cooney
4. DJ Irving
5. DJ Newbill
6. Daniel Stewart
7. Isaiah Morton
8. Juan’ya Green
9. Jamir Hanner
10. Jamal Melvin, Christian White, & Tyree Johnson