The purpose of Philly Hoops is to educate, entertain, and promote high school basketball in the Philadelphia area. We believe that this region has the best talent of any region in the country. Call us biased and we’ll agree with you.

The landscape of how business (earning a scholarship) gets done has changed greatly in the last 20 years. Twenty years ago, how you played during your high school season totally dictated what college you attended. In today’s world, high school basketball now has an opening act. Now summertime basketball (from April-August), primarily AAU, gives coaches an earlier start on recruiting. Backed by the 3 major sneakers companies (Nike, Reebok and Adidas), AAU has exploded across the landscape creating a need for recruiting services to keep colleges/universities informed as to the talent available. We are the backbone of the opening act.

We hope to fill a void- to keep you updated on high school basketball in the Philadelphia area in a way that is upbeat, positive, and shines a spotlight on our student athletes. Please keep us in the loop as much as we try to keep you in the loop. Email us with your thoughts and commentary. You wont always agree with us, but hopefully we’ll gain insight from each other.

Our wish is that every student athlete in this region can earn a scholarship through their ability to dribble, shoot, dunk, or rebound a basketball. For some it’ll be their only opportunity to attend college. Every student athlete that goes on to college must also understand that to whom much is given, even more is expected back in return. It now becomes the student athlete’s obligation to be successful in college. To graduate and to return a better person to the community. Our hope is that you understand the need for a college education, that you embrace the village (of parents, coaches, trainers, teachers and friends) that it took to raise you and lastly that you become a productive member of society. This game called basketball can present you with numerous opportunities. Please take advantage.

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