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Maalik by

Maalik by

By Tyree “T Y” Booker

One by one with a heart full of pride, a head full of learned and God-given skills along with a jersey soaked with mojo, the top 60 or so players walked into the Tri-State Sports Center to establish Greater Philadelphia’s basketball food chain. Each player went through a series of drill stations to add the vegetables to the subsequent meat that we the recruiters and analysts get when we watch these athletes play games. Unfortunately, drills don’t pay the bills so after an hour of workouts it was time to show and prove. Atop the food chain, Maalik “it is what it is” Wayns has established himself as the gold standard among the region’s point guards. Yeah I know NYC is known as the point guard Mecca, but if you tell me you have a better PG than Mr. Wayns I’ll call you a liar to your face then I’ll unleash him (may the force be with you).
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