By Ted Silary
Philadelphia Daily News

FOR THE 32nd consecutive season, the Daily News is attempting to give college basketball coaches a helping hand with recruiting.

Our five categories for seniors are point guards, wing guards, small forwards, power forwards and centers. Players are categorized by the position we expect them to play in college. But remember, a player’s role can depend upon the level of school he attends.

The players in “The Best” category are those we believe would be most capable of playing in Division I or the higher levels of Division II, or in a competitive junior-college program if there’s a need for academic strengthening. “Others” are Division IIs or IIIs.

Our rating system: 1. big time; 2. midmajor; 3. low Division I; 4. high Division II. We have compiled a separate list of players who have already made commitments.
Point guards


Parrish Grant, Imhotep, 6-2, orchestrates transition, takes charge in stretch, declined to sign early, rating: 3-4.

LaRon Byrd, GAMP, 6-foot, sweet jumper, skilled in traffic, terrific overall feel, will blossom even more once surrounded by talent, rating: 3-4.


Antonio “Gee” Monroe, Comm. Tech

Brendan Stanton, Lansdale

Pendarvis Williams, Bodine

Zafir Williams, Vaux

Darren Lawrence, Straw. Mansion

Andy Bousono, Esperanza

Maurice Robinson, Lincoln

Pat Stewart, SJ Prep

Cory Goodman, Episcopal

John Johnson, Furness

Rus Slawter, Ryan

Ramair “Juice” Garner, Sayre

Hassan Jones, Bok

Ramone Williams, Math/Civics/Sciences

Kevin Mack, Del-Val

Khailief Coates, Olney

Tyrell Smith, Saul

Vince Bullock, Furness

Kyheim Jackson, Phila. Elec.

Shykee Brooks, Freire
Wing guards


Jesse “Booge” Morgan, Olney, 6-4, one of country’s top unsigned WGs, treys to dunks, fills stat sheet, many suitors, well worth price of admission, rating: 1-2.

Jamil Brown, Lamberton, 6-foot, crafty and relentless, feathery touch, strong build, king of transition, rating: 3-4.

Jose Ortiz, Math, Civics and Sciences, 6-3, major spit/grit, can light it up, has battled back from knee surgery, winner, rating: 3-4.


Rob Hollomon, West Catholic

Alex Gaddy, Del-Val

Zaahir Smith, Math/Civics/Sciences

Henry Bond, Kensington

Kion Coats, FitzSimons

Luis Martinez, Edison

Lamar Speller, Southern

Marcus Holland, University City

Dain “DJ” Suber, Del-Val

Ivory Wells, Imhotep

Mark Rhine, Penn Charter

Chris Jones, Comm. Tech

Zaahid Holloman, Prep Charter

Anthony Keiter, Ryan

Kevin Garris, University City

Dan Fitzpatrick, SJ Prep

Marcus Grimes, Straw. Mansion

Tim Fahy, Wood

Emmanuel Pittman, Penn

Sam Kurtzman, Haver. School

Marcus Ferrell, Vaux

Melvin Dixon, Franklin

Solomon Davis, Bartram

Devin Colston, Northeast

Donte Greene, Bodine

Haleem “Peanut” Hayward, West Catholic

Tom Cooney, La Salle

Tremell Green, Bok

Kenny Battle, Imhotep

Karl Riley, Franklin LC
Small forwards


Marcus Brown, Engineering & Science, 6-4, old-school approach, big first step, bouncy/brassy, Penn intrigued, strong student, rating: 3.

Ferg Myrick, Prep Charter, 6-6, effective on baseline/near wing, good strength, gets to line, expanding interest, rating: 3.

Gary Lawrence, Chestnut Hill, 6-6, lefty, unorthodox but crafty, owns baseline, expanding skill set, rating: 1-2.


Joe Reid, Gratz

Terrance “T-Mac” Bennett, Olney

Theo West, Kensington

Dean Melchionni, Gtn. Academy

Danny Walker, Bartram

Andre Wilburn, Carroll

Melvin Dixon, Franklin

Jonas Skovdal, Conwell-Egan

Chuck Collins, FitzSimons

Jaleel Khabeer, Mastery South

Lamar Gary, Bodine

Mike Leithead, SJ Prep

Deione “Dex” Lathem, Sayre

Nasir Jones, Franklin LC

Germel Ford, Masterman
Power forwards


Koron Reed, Roman, 6-6, Skywalking R Us, runs floor well, must polish ball skills, wiry frame so take and add pounds, rating: 3.


Tyree “Chuck” Harris, Prep Charter

Jeffrey Lord, Math/Civics/Sciences

Shawn Washington, Sayre

Kasheef Festus, Carroll

Henry Smith, Bonner

Pete Buzby, SJ Prep

Leroy Evans, Gratz

Jerry Smith, Ryan

Jared James, Roxborough

Andre Howard, Eng. & Science

Brad Miller, Kenn.-Kenrick

Blaire Chesterfield, Furness

Don Rauchut, Penn Charter

Tyrell Johnson, FitzSimons

Lawrence Elliott, Straw. Mansion




Ade Barek, West Catholic

John Adams, Penn

Bilal Kelley, Straw. Mansion

Brandon Robinson, SJ Prep

Philip Pringle, Dobbins
Top 20 juniors

Tyrone Garland, Bartram, 6-1 PG

Jamir Hanner, Southern, 6-6, PF-C

Daniel Stewart, Neumann-Goretti, 6-6, PF

Devonte “DJ” Newbill, Straw. Mansion, 6-4, WG

Cameron Ayers, Gtn. Academy, 6-5, WG-SF

Rakeem “Rahk” Brookins, Roman, 5-10, CG

Octavious Booker, Freire, 6-6, PF

Deshon Minnis, Southern, 6-2 PG

Donte Williams, Washington, 6-3, WG

Erik Raleigh, Bodine, 6-8, PF-C

Dehaven Brown, Frankford, 6-foot, PG

Fran Dougherty, Wood, 6-7, C

Mike Terry, North Catholic, 6-foot, WG

Jack O’Neill, North Catholic, 6-5, SF

Brandon Smith, Central, 6-5, PF-C

Tyreek Duren, Neumann-Goretti, 6-foot, PG

DJ Irving, Carroll, 5-11, PG

Isaac Robinson, Conwell-Egan, 6-2, WG-SF

Todd Cramer, Chestnut Hill, 6-5, WG-SF

Omari Grier, Episcopal, 6-3, WG
Top six sophomores

Rakeem Christmas, North Catholic, 6-9, C

Juan’ya Green, Carroll, 6-3, WG

Ameen Tanksley, Prep Charter, 6-5, CG

Aquil Younger, West Catholic, 5-11, PG

Jerrell Wright, Dobbins, 6-6, PF-C

Erik Copes, Imhotep, 6-8, C
Already committed

The following players are off the prospects board:

Point Guards: Shannon Givens, Fels, Drexel; Maalik Wayns, Roman, Villanova; Denzel Yard, Franklin LC, Siena.

Shooting Guards: Will Adams, Imhotep, Towson; Tony Chennault, Neumann-Goretti, Wake Forest (junior); Sam Prescott, Imhotep, Marist.

Small Forward: Jeff Holton, Gtn. Academy, American.

Power Forwards: Andre “Scooter” Gillette, Neumann-Goretti, Niagara; Lijah Thompson, Comm. Tech, Robert Morris